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This GROUP not only market cables of our associate company RETCO INDIA - An ISO9001 recognized company with product quality certification from BUREAU OF INDIA STANDARD but also undertake import and distribution of various types of cables from world renowned companies like BELDEN, NEXANS, LAPP KABEL, AMP etc for our quality conscious industrial clients like Railways, Public & Private Sector Enterprise, Defense, Ordnance Factory, Public Utility Depts, Coalfields, Port Trusts, Airport, Telecom Sector, Power Plants & State Electricity Board. This GROUP has always been appreciated by our customers as it help them in meeting their complete cables and wire requirement from a single source and had also helped in developing specialized cables as per their requirement at our associate company's plant.


1.  PVC Insulated Power & Control Cables (Cu/Al) upto 1.1 KV - Armoured & Unarmoured

Single Core : upto 1000

3.5 core or 4 cores : upto 500


2. LT XLPE insulated power cables upto 1.1KV - Armoured & Unarmoured

Single core : 25 ~ 1000

3.5 core or 4 cores : 25 ~ 500


3. HT XLPE insulated cables from 3.3KV to 66KV

Single core : upto 1000  for 11KV

                    upto 400 for 33KV


4. FRLS/HFFR PVC Flexible House Wiring &  Industrial Wiring cables

Single Core or Sheathed Multicore : 1.5 ~ 95


5. General Purpose Elastomeric & HOFR insulated cables


6. Wielding Cables


7. Trailing & Shot Firing Cables


8. Submersible cable


9. EPR/Butyl Rubber Sheathed cable for Oil Rig & Ship wiring


10. Special Purpose Cable

Niobium (Nb) alloy based Superconducting cables, Water cooled cable, LT furnace cable, Heat Proof cable, Compensating cable


11. PTFE insulated single/multi core braided/non-braided cable


12. Coaxial Cable - PVC, Foam Polyethylene, FEP, PTFE Jacket - Braided or Foil type

As Per MIL-C-17 specification : RG6A/U ~ RG316/U

Commercial : RG6A/U ~ RG62/U


13. Halogen-Free Fire Resistant Corrugated Cables - 1/4" ~ 2.1/4"


14. LAN (CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6) & Video Cables


15. Telephone Cables, Drop Wire, Jumper Wire


16. Fiber Optic Cables - Single Mode / Multimode, Patch Cord


17. Instrumentation Cables, Flat & Ribbon Cables


18. Twin Axial Industrial PLC & DCS cable - PVC/Teflon Jacket


19. Industrial Security Signal & Fire Protection Cable


20. Computer Cables - Moulded Parellel & Serial Cable, USB Cable, IDE & SATA cable