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The Industrial Electrical Division work as a independent unit and is situated at Rishra (W.B.) having a modern state of art manufacturing and testing facility for manufacturing of different types of Industrial Electrical products as per customers specification & requirements. This unit products has been well accepted by different sectors like Airlines, Defense, Industries, Marine, Mines, Nuclear Plants, Power Plants, Railways, Refinery, State Electricity Boards, Steel Plants etc, who had placed repeated orders seeing the quality of the products.

This unit have got a team of qualified and experienced engineers who have successfully demonstrated their capability in production, supply and installation of a wide range of Industrial Electrical products in a time bound manner to a number of our Industrial clients and is capable of producing the following under noted items :

  • Automatic Voltage Controller upto 33Kv 5000KVA

  • Power Distribution Control Panel

  • Power Transformer upto 5MVA

  • Current Limiting Reactor both Air/Iron core construction

  • Class-H, 11KV 1000kVA Dry type Transformer

  • Special Application Furnace Transformer

  • Medium Frequency Water Cooled Choke

  • Battery Charger - SCR / VARIAC / Rolling Contact Controller - both manual and automatic

  • Special Electrical Equipments for production of HT Strapping line (HTS)

  • Motor Control Centre (MCC)

  • Power & Distribution Switch Board

  • Control Desk

  • Automatic Power Factor Control System

  • Overhead Transmission Line Materials

  • Sub-Station Equipments & Accessories

  • Electroplating Rectifier