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The Industrial Electronic Division work as a independent unit and is situated at Jagatpur (Orissa) having a modern state of art assembling, testing, repairing & R&D facility for different types of Industrial Electronic products as per customers specification & requirements. This unit not only undertake Contract manufacturing works from various International clients but also do the necessary R&D works for developing any type of Electronic equipment and system. This unit has got a team of highly qualified engineers having working experience in various fields with multinational companies and are always ready to undertake any challenging development jobs in various electronic fields. This unit has helped industries and R&D institutes in developing a number of import substitute products which has been well accepted by different sectors like Airlines, Defense, Industries, Marine, Nuclear Plants, Power Plants, Railways, Refinery, Space, Steel Plants etc, who had placed repeated orders seeing the quality of the products along with timely completion with a given budgeted cost.

Some of the well recognized dedicated products developed by this units for its clients are as under:

  • Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • Remote Weather Monitoring System

  • Remote Temperature Monitoring & Control System

  • GPS/GPRS based tracking system

  • Portable Wielding Machine

  • Automatic Current Consumption Controller for wielding machines

  • High Rating Online UPS

  • Addressable Interface Converter

  • Water Level Controller

  • Alarm Annunciator Panel

  • Remote RF Monitoring Equipments

  • Automatic Battery Charger

  • Electronic Soft Starter

  • Preprogrammed Logic Controller

  • Microprocessor based voltage scanner

  • Microprocessor based Phase selector

  • Twin Engine Controller for marine use

  • Programmable Twin AC unit Controller

  • Programmable Pump House System